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Pleasure Me Purse Kit - Click to enlarge

Pleasure Me Purse Kit

This pretty plastic purse provides all the ingredients you need for an erotic encounter.  Read More
A featured Good Vibrations pleasure product! Waterproof/Water-resistant toy or books.
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This pretty plastic purse provides all the ingredients you need for an erotic encounter. Start with the deliciously-flavored Devour Me Lickable Body Oil. Free from artificial colors or sweeteners, these sweet almond oils are non-sticky, non-staining and perfect for nibbling. Move on to the all-natural, concentrated Rub Me Massage Bar. Made from essential oils, pure cocoa and shea butters, it melts into a luscious cream against warm skin. Pair the waterproof one-touch Bullet with the water-based, glycerin-free lube for a blissful buzz. This little package is proof that pleasure comes in all sizes.

Save over 20% from the individual components when you buy this kit.

Kit includes:

More about the Magic Touch Bullet Mini Vibrator
2 1/4” long x 5/8” wide (5.7 cm long x 1.6 cm wide)
Silver Plastic
Uses three Watch batteries (included)
Volume: 2; Intensity: 3

Note: This product may melt if shipped to a warm location

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Customer Reviews

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Rating Great way to sample December 8, 2010

Reviewer: Customer Review

My husband and I got this little set to try out adding some extra fun to our love life. We love all of the products and were glad to be able to buy a low cost selection to try them out. Our only complaint is that the watch batteries in the vibe do not last long enough.

Rating temptingly delicious May 20, 2010

Reviewer: GV Affiliate Reviews

The Mini Heart Shaped Rub Me Massage Bar is actually my favorite part of this little sex toy kit . Made with cocoa butter it smells heavenly. Mine was also scented with peppermint essential oil which gave it a wonderful minty undertone. It actually smelt so good it was almost a struggle to not nom on it! LOL

--from our reviewer, JessieBeth

Rating smells delicous May 20, 2010

Reviewer: GV Affiliate Reviews

After my bath, I opened the Rub Me Massage Bar in After Dinner Mint and rubbed it onto the dry areas of my skin. It looks like a fine chocolate bar and I was tempted to take a bite! After application, my skin was slippery and subtly scented. I love its ingredient list: Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter and Essential Oil.

When I returned to the bedroom, I opened my Devour Me Lickable Body Oil and touched the mouth of the bottle to my finger. Immediately, my nose was treated to the scent of creme brulee. While it tastes good, I wasn’t at all inclined to drizzle it over vanilla ice cream. Of all its attributes, I like its ingredient list best: Sweet Almond Oil and Flavor Oils.

--from our reviewer, Sexorcism

Rating loved the oil May 20, 2010

Reviewer: GV Affiliate Reviews

The Devour Me Lickable Oil is my favorite part of the kit. I received the Creme Brulee flavor, and it is just divine. I’m actually not a big fan of things that smell or taste super sweet, so I was surprised that I liked this oil so much. It’s definitely got a sweet aroma, and it makes me hungry just smelling it from the bottle. I was really glad that while it smells quite sweet, the taste is much milder while still being quite scrumptious.
--from our reviewer, Rockin’ With a Cock In

Rating delicious! May 20, 2010

Reviewer: GV Affiliate Reviews

This thing is small! As in, tuck it in your coat pocket small! It’s the perfect size for slipping in an overnight bag for a sexy weekend, and it’s a great way to try out new products.

The massage bar was my favorite part of the kit. Made with only cocoa butter, shea butter, and essential oils, it’s a delightful treat for the skin.

The edible massage oil was the product I was most worried about. I’ve tried a few different lickable and kissable products, and most were just ok at best, or awful at worst. I was expecting this to be of the former variety, since it is Good Vibes' house line. I was wrong. This stuff is absolutely delicious in scent and in flavor. It really is lickable – rub and caress it into the skin, then kiss and lick all over. It doesn’t taste like eating creme brulee, but it’s very good, a sweet, creamy, caramel flavor that is just so yummy.

Overall, this was a great little kit. It’s a great way to try out new massage products and lube, and makes a great little kit for a romantic weekend.

--from our reviewer, Luscious Lily

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