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Pinwheel BDSM Toy - Click to enlarge

Pinwheel BDSM Toy

At first glance, this S/M toy may look scarier than most. Rest assured, the Pinwheel has way more  Read More
Staff pick: singled out for being exceptional in content, quality, inventiveness or effectiveness.
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At first glance, this S/M toy may look scarier than most. Rest assured, the Pinwheel has way more bark than bite. Used by doctors to test for nerve sensation, this versatile toy will spur a range of tingles -- from a gentle tickle to a sharp sting, depending on the pressure applied -- when rolled across select body parts. Featured in Sexpositive Productions' video Whipsmart, it features a 7 long handle that holds a spur-like wheel, and comes in a plastic pouch for easy storage. Stainless steel.

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Customer Reviews

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Rating fun! September 6, 2014

Reviewer: miss elle

Silly but fun!

Somewhere between a tickle and a pin prick and a fun sensation. Especially nice when restrained/ blindfolded. If you push hard enough you can also get these nice little pin prick patterns on your skin for a day or two but you have to really try!

Rating whee!! March 8, 2011

Reviewer: GV Affiliate Reviews

I was surprised by which parts of my body were most sensitive to this. Obvious places were of course pretty sensitive, but areas like my shins, the sides of my hips, and my forearms were way more sensitive that I thought they would be.

Before my boyfriend used it on me, I tried the wheel out on myself when I first opened it, dragging it gently over my arm and then pressing slightly on the second pass. I was underwhelmed, but now I know that using this on yourself is like trying to tickle yourself. For maximum effect, use on a blindfolded and/or restrained partner.

--from our reviewer, Love Sick Robot

Rating just enough February 14, 2011

Reviewer: GV Affiliate Reviews

I'd been curious about the Wartenberg Pinwheel for quite some time now, since I've graduated from "vanilla" sex toys to more ... er ... adventurous fare. This pinwheel has 22 little spikes on it on the wheel, and when it runs on my skin it gives me the most incredible sensations that make me shiver all over. I don't like pain so I don't push the pinwheel hard against my flesh, otherwise I'll leave little perforations all over my skin. It's not likely to make me bleed no matter how hard I push it. If it were, I'd soak it in alcohol. My husband didn't like the feel of the pinwheel because when he used it he said it hurt, and I believe him. He has very sensitive skin. He's like the Princess and the Pea. He feels everything very intensely. So, the pinwheel is my little toy I use for light, solo sensation play when I want to feel something a little different.

This pinwheel is made of 100% stainless steel. It's a very sturdy and heavy little thing, and I like the bulk that it has. It's quite imposing-looking, too. I ran it over my belly, breasts, and arms, and it brought up goosebumps like you wouldn't believe. The pinwheel made me feel more alert and sensitive, so when I went to work on myself with a vibrator I was primed to go. I even ran the pinwheel along my labia, and it was just this side of too sensitive. I don't think I'd like to make a habit of that. The feeling was a little overwhelming.

This is a great little bondage/sensation play device that will give you hours of pleasure.

--from our reviewer, the Countess

Rating Oh My... December 8, 2010

Reviewer: Customer Review

I kept coming back to this product during my frequent GV windowshopping sessions; I have to admit, I was a little shy about my desire to try it out. After lengthy consideration and a bit of flirtatious consultation with my lover, I decided it was time to take the pinwheel for a test drive. Oh, why did I wait so long? This little guy will prickle and tickle and tease his way right into your heart. The range of sensations you can create with this is vast. Get one. Today.

Rating drove me crazy September 14, 2010

Reviewer: GV Affiliate Reviews

Wow, what fun it was to have KenDoll wheel it all around my body as I lay mostly naked. Antic­i­pa­tion and not know­ing where he was headed next is always mind-blowing. The prickling caused my mind to focus intently on each body part, some­times a tickle, some­times nearly sting­ing. This could drive me absolutely CRAZY if I were tied up!! With increased pres­sure it could cause real pain. This is per­fect for EVERY LEVEL of kinky play!

--from our reviewer, Lambchop

Rating yummy September 7, 2010

Reviewer: GV Affiliate Reviews

I quickly discovered that a super light roll across my upper back tickled in the way that I love. It sent shivers down my spine and created goosebumps that made the touch of the pins painful in a not-so-bad sort of way. It also worked to sensitize my lips (the northern ones). The same light tough was pleasurable along my thighs and outer arms.

--from our reviewer, Of Sex and Love

Rating makes me quiver August 9, 2010

Reviewer: GV Affiliate Reviews

Don’t be scared off. The pinwheel is fun and easy to use without involving BDSM. Held softly at an acute angle against the skin, it feels very good. It’s pleasantly tingly, and can be added to a massage or gentle sensation play without fear. You won’t hurt someone with this toy unless you want to.

The pinwheel feels so good in sensation play, I think nearly everyone would enjoy it. And when it comes to BDSM, this little toy doesn’t fool around. You could seriously harm someone with it. It’s definitely our highest-level BDSM toy so far. It makes me quiver and whimper in fear. Highly recommended.

--from our reviewer, Elodie

Rating Sex aid? May 19, 2010

Reviewer: Honeystick

This is actually a ponce wheel, a tool used in sewing lol funny how things become used for other purposes.

Rating Great erotic medical implement April 7, 2009

Reviewer: transmet

Medical play + this = explosions. When used gently on the butt cheeks or inner thighs it can drive a person to insanity, especially if they're lightly restrained. This item CAN puncture the skin if used too roughly, so be kind (unless that's what your partner wants, 'course.)

In medical science this is referred to as a Wartenberg neurowheel. It is used to test nerves on the surface of the skin. I even used it once for its intended purpose (imagine that!) to discover a damaged nerve in my friend's arm that had been bothering him.

A fun toy, and the highest quality version I've been able to find, especially for the price. Cheap plastic disposable ones are available, but they don't really compare to the stainless ones.

Rating Fun little toy for anyone August 4, 2008

Reviewer: NoWhereMan

This sucker is a potent toy and is exactly as can be used softly or firmly. Love it!

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