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Sexy Suction Cuffs

You have a whole collection of waterproof vibes… now what? Put your partner in the water and keep  Read More
Phthalates-Free. Waterproof/Water-resistant toy or books.
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You have a whole collection of waterproof vibes… now what? Put your partner in the water and keep her there til you're both sated with these soft, sturdy neoprene Sex in the Shower - Sexy Suction Cuffs! Attaching to shower wall or tub with powerful industrial-sized plastic suction cups, the cuffs work on wrists or ankles and are easy-on and -off with velcro closures. They also attach to most other smooth surfaces, like countertops, including tiles of 4" or larger. While able to support a lot of weight and pulling, they are not meant for suspension of a person’s complete weight. Set of two cuffs and permanently attached suction cups.

Sexy Suction Cuffs
Black Neoprene, Velcro, ABS plastic suction cup
Cuffs: 11” long x 1 ¾” wide (27.94cm x 4.44cm)
Suction Cup: 3 ¼” diameter (8.25cm)

Care and Cleaning

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Customer Reviews

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Rating Not just for the shower! February 22, 2011

Reviewer: kikigvsesa

As mentioned in previous reviews the suction cups on these guys are heavy duty- I pulled with my full body weight and they stayed put. They'll stick to any smooth surface (counters, headboards etc), not just shower walls.

Rating held tight November 15, 2010

Reviewer: GV Affiliate Reviews

The large suction cups grabbed the walls of my shower quickly. While being strapped in, I noticed the velcro was very tight and held beautifully. I wasn’t able to tug outward at the velcro and work them loose. There was no getting out of these.

Concern that the cups would slide on the wall was quickly debunked. The cups held long and hard and didn’t slide with any ease. It took tugging and working to make the cups give at all. When the wall was well wet, the cups still didn’t give.

--from our reviewer, Sake of Sanity

Rating October 4, 2010

Reviewer: GV Affiliate Reviews

In the inter�est of review�ing, I started try�ing to get free. Pulling with all of my weight was no help. The pur�ple neo�prene fab�ric, black vel�cro, and black nylon web�bing that the actual cuffs are made of is very very strong. I would expect it to last YEARS, no prob�lem. The suc�tion cups are also very strong, and at over 3� across, put a lot of �suck� in �suc�tion!� Just as I heard his key�card in the door, I real�ized that if I bent my wrist juu�u�u�ust the right way, I could grab the lit�tle tab on the suc�tion cup and start peel�ing it back. Awk�ward, but doable. (Remem�ber kids, when cuff�ing your love with these, put the tab under the WRIST, not under the fin�gers.) He peeled me from the counter, smacked my ass, and we laughed about how STRONG these are�then I tried them on the door of the fridge, and the table�top. They seem to stick nicely on any smooth sur�face, not just the shower. I would guess that if your tile is small, the grout would inter�fere with the suc�tion, but on 4� or larger tiles or fiber�glass tubs, you�re in busi�ness!! The straps are 11� long by 3/4� wide and are very com�fort�able. The vel�cro (easy on and off!) runs most of the length of the strap, and could adjust to fit a wide vari�ety of wrist (or ankle) sizes. These are strong, but obvi�ously not for weight-bearing sus�pen�sion play.ay

--from our reviewers, AduAdulter-us

Rating Work Great! September 18, 2010

Reviewer: Miss Kay

These cuffs work amazingly well. They stick well to our bathroom surfaces (bathtub, shower, counter) and it even sticks well to other surfaces like our bookshelf, kitchen counters, table, or any other flat surface. The cuffs are well-made and are held strongly onto the suction cup by some strong nylon fabric. These suction cups aren't puny - they are about the size of your balled up fist, and believe me, they are going to hold firm to whatever surface you put them against as long as they have the room. If it gets any air underneath the suction cup due to texture of the wall or just a curve in what you are sticking it on, they won't hold as well, but if you get it on a flat surface, this won't move no matter how much of your arm strength you throw into it. If you are looking to take your bondage into "non-traditional" areas of the house, I'd highly recommend these Sexy Suction Cuffs. They work amazingly and are easily worth the price.

Rating strong and effective September 14, 2010

Reviewer: GV Affiliate Reviews

I’ve never made any bones about it and I don’t think I ever will. I love SportSheets. So far every single one of their products I’ve tried used and played with has withstood my abuse. And their Suction Cuffs were no different. Made from neoprene with Velcro closure and ABS plastic suction cups these are bondage cuffs made for use in the shower and/or bathtub. The neoprene feels awesome on the skin and these are uber, super comfortable.

Now, these puppies stick. Boy do they stick!

In the end, as always, SportSheets gets an epic win! 5 out of 5!!

--from our reviewer, Jessie Beth

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