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Handy Sleeve

This super stretchy sleeve is handy in more ways than one!  When used alone, the closed end provides  Read More
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This super stretchy sleeve is handy in more ways than one!  When used alone, the closed end provides an exciting sucking sensation that, coupled with the invigorating interior nubs, offers enhanced stimulation with each stroke.  Turn the tube inside-out to use it as a penis extender and thickener with a partner, allowing them to feel the exhilarating external nubs. Keep this easy-to-clean sleeve handy for all kinds of fleshy fun! 5 1/2” long. Blue Elastomer.

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Customer Reviews

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Rating 1 of the best toys I ever used!!! May 17, 2012

Reviewer: thebigr24

Easy to clean and maintain. Provides maximum pleasure. I would strongly recommend. Great for Solo/ Partner play.

Rating Disappointing January 13, 2012

Reviewer: Sleeveless in SLC

Cutting to the chase, the Handy Sleeve was a bad investment. I tried it every which way but loose and it did not produce a good sensation. Nubs-in just makes for a slushy sloppy rough feel, and smooth side in makes for a boring unsensational feel. After looking for a good sleeve that was not "disposable" and was not overly large and is reasonably priced, I had high hopes for this but it did not pan out. Too bad! This isn't rocket science guys! Someone please make some products to fill this niche!

Rating Best sleeve I've tried April 26, 2009

Reviewer: sybarite

This is the best sleeve I've ever tried. I've had a couple sleeves in the past (Fleshlight, &etc) that fell short of my expectations, and when I went shopping this latest time around I bought three different sleeves at once in hopes of getting one that would ring my bells. The Handy Sleeve rocked my bell tower, as it were; it was by far the best of the three (the other two were the Tube Sleeve and the -- non-Turbo -- Stroker, if you're curious.)

a few observations:
* some of the internal nubs had slight crests over their tops, probably from cracks between the sides of the mold. These ridges occasionally verged on uncomfortable, so I used an X-acto blad to shave them down to flush with the nub.
* I like to roll she sleeve partway back on itself, sock-like, and squirt some lube in the very tip. Then I unroll it onto me. The unlubed bottom grabs the base of my cock, and I can twirl the lubed-up top around my glans; love those nubs!

* The closed end makes cleaning up waay easier than the other (open-ended) sleeves I've had.

* I'm oh-so-tempted to build a Doctor Manhattan costume for Halloween using the Handy Sleeve as the, ah, centerpiece. :-)

Rating Handy Sleeve - Not bad April 3, 2009

Reviewer: MlktScott

As a first time user of a toy like this, it took some getting used to. The nubs inside were definitely a new sensation. At first, I found it to make me a bit too sensitive in the "not feeling good way". After using it a few times and varying the motions and pressure, I was able to enjoy it. For me, it can put a bit too much bad sensitivity on the glans if I'm not careful.

The sleeve is tight but not too tight. It is closed at one end which helps with cleanup. I found that if you force out the air, it can provide slight suction.

I'm circumcised so I can't speak for the uncircumcised, but I think that the sensitivity on the shaft may be less but the sensitivity on the glans might be too much.

As I found, once I got used to it, it was a pleasurable experience.

My girlfriend is excited about "helping me out." She has several toys but this is my first. I think it will be a lot of fun.

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