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Pure Wand Metal Dildo - Click to enlarge

Pure Wand Metal Dildo

Sleek and heavy, the Pure Wand from njoy is perfect for G-Spot stimulation  Read More
  (45 customer ratings)
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Sleek and heavy, the Pure Wand from Njoy is perfect for G-Spot stimulation, as well as providing resistance during Kegel exercises. Did we mention it’s heavy? The Pure Wand weighs over 1 1/2 pounds, making it one of the heavier pleasure products we carry. The quality stainless steel bar features two end knobs of different sizes along with an elegant curve for ease of use. Part of our Ecorotic™ collection.

Pure Wand Metal Dildo
Polished Stainless steel
11" long, 1-1 1/2" in diameter

Winner of the AVN 'O' Awards 2009 for Outstanding Non-powered Product.

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Body-safe -- Sex toys are made from many different materials, with varying amounts of information available about them, and many have not been tested for safety. We always choose better-quality items, and we give special attention to those we know to be safer.

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Customer Reviews

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Rating not gushing but still happy with this purchase December 10, 2015

Reviewer: more2Cum

I bought this after reading review after review about non squirters finally ejaculating so I HAD to give it a try. I had yet to gush. I love the curve, without much labor this bad boi hits my g spot in such an amazing way. Temperature play is amazing with this toy. Very easy to warm or cool in water and very smooth. I love using my silicone lube with this one. I can have orgasm after orgasm without the toy getting draggy. The weight feels great too. A+

Rating I've Just Had the Best Two Orgasms of My Entire Life... November 17, 2015

Reviewer: Ophelias Orgasms

We received the Pure Wand recently as a gift and I've been meaning to give it a go, so I reached under the bed for the box, opened it, and removed the contents. The Njoy Pure Wand is a stainless steel, double-ended dildo, and it comes in a stunning, durable storage box with a satin lining. Even being about 65�F in the bedroom, the dildo was still pretty frigid and cool to the touch. This may sound terrible to some, but I love using cold elements like frozen popsicles and ice during sex, so I couldn�t wait to see how it would feel.

So the Pure Wand is about 11� curved from end to end, has one large �bulb� on one end, and a smaller one on the other. It weighs 1.5 pounds so it�s got quite a bit of heft, which is nice � I�ll tell you why later. I decided to tease my clit with the small end, so I slid it up and down the length of my vulva hanging onto the other end comfortably with one hand. I put the whole dildo between my thighs, turned onto my side, and gently rocked against it because it�s sturdy and long enough to be used hands-free. The combination of doing all of this while watching porn had me wet in no time. I didn�t want it to get warm, so I removed it from between my thighs and set it aside to cool off again while I switched to another video.

I held the dildo by the smaller end this time. I rubbed the large bulb against my clit, and between the weight, shape, and sexy, slick surface of it, it seemed to fall perfectly within my slit so I could slide it up and down without having to guide it. After gliding it around until it drew my juices to the surface, I eventually allowed it to find my opening. Because of the substantial heft of it, it was as if my vagina was thick quicksand where the gravitational pull combined with how wet I was forced it to slowly plunge deeper inside me, cooling me from the inside an inch at a time. The cold metal felt amazing and I loved how I could feel exactly where the bulbous end was inside me just because of the chilled surface. The Pure Wand is shaped absolutely perfectly because the big bulb seemed to �catch� on a bit of a corner right where my G-spot should be. Also because it�s pretty long, it reached up to my clit where I could rub the shaft there, or I could just use the other end as a handle for penetration and not involve my clit. I kept gently penetrating myself and occasionally pulled the dildo out of me and dragged it up across my clit � one of my favorite things to do as it gives an amazing sensation.

Since I'm going to run out of characters, you can find the rest of the review here:

In short - do not walk, run to Good Vibes for the Njoy Pure Wand, it will change your life. No joke.


Rating Worth It! November 7, 2015

Reviewer: LeoVirgo1

The first time I used this toy on my girlfriend was after a nice long sensual massage. I lubed her up and slowly inserted it in her vagina after warming it in my hands. I had the ball pointing up. Switched to one or the other ball but not sure which one did the trick for her. Anyways, I rocked it gently in and out concentrating on keeping the ball riding along her Gspot. She squirted for the first time and it was amazing! Next time I'm trying it with her on all fours as the weight of it should facilitate the rocking motion quite nicely!!

Rating I don't love it June 18, 2014

Reviewer: Samantha69

The large end is painful to insert initially because of the shape. I find myself not wanting to use it. I do like the metal because it does not need much lube and does not cause any irritation or friction.

Rating Worth Every Cent! August 30, 2013

Reviewer: pandorablack

So, I've never been one to spend a lot on sex toys. But after trying this out with a partner, I had to have it. It hits your g spot just perfectly, every single time. You don't even need to move it around much (thus saving you carpal tunnel), just the weight and size of the toy alone, when inserted, gives exactly the right amount of pressure. But if you do want more, moving it in a back and forth motion will do the job.

The sleek metal warms to body temperature quickly, making this toy a joy to use. And because it's so slippery in it's very nature, I don't even need lube. The orgasms I have while using this toy are simply mindblowing. Earth shattering.

Best money I ever spent.

Rating Favorite toy for me AND the misses! July 18, 2013

Reviewer: DonDom

This toy usually stays really close to the bed. The prostate massages it gives are incredible. Its curve makes it really easy for me to use by myself, or for my girlfriend to use while she gives me oral.

Other times I will use it on her. The first time I used this toy on her was also the first time she squirted. Sometimes she begs for it, "Honey, will you use the hook on me?" Its weight and balance is perfect, and its shape makes it very comfortable. It feels like it fits my body perfectly. The first time you hold one of these in your hand you'll understand. Just holding provides this tactile pleasure. I never would have thought steel would feel so soft and warm.

It's made of the highest quality stainless steel, right in my home state of Massachusetts! Super easy to clean, plus it's beautiful! Like a work of art.

Rating I am blown away and still smiling! April 27, 2013

Reviewer: ImHooked

I thought this whole squirting thing just wasnt for me. I tried, he tried, just couldnt get it so I gave up. I purchased this toy as my 40th birthday present. Just got the nerve up to try it, wet my sheets up the first time. Tried it again the next day just to see if it was a fluke...same wet results! I sat straight up and just let the curve of the toy follow the natural path to my g spot, had my bullet on my clit. Super Soaker city!

Rating All I can say is Wow!!! February 6, 2013

Reviewer: Ms Feelgood

I could squirt when I was younger, but it was unpredictable. With this new toy, the first time I used it, squirt city!!! What a happy surprise. This Wand could become highly addictive! You will not be disappointed with this purchase!

Rating Stainless steel seems so "EXTREME!!!!" isn't. July 11, 2012

Reviewer: Slave2Conquest

Lady friend got tired of toys that, while having a life time warranty, broke frequently enough to frustrate. So she got "that which could not be broken" with her warranty voucher.

This thing has MASS. Not big...just dense. It seems like it would be intimidating...but it isn't! All it takes is a soft touch, grace, and, honestly, the suspension of disbelief. You can hang this toy from a fingertip and let gravity do the rest. Usually my arm gives out before she does, but not with this thing. It requires so little effort, and it comes down to the mass.

We did not get tired of this toy. It's not just for G-Spot, it is great in every direction. We didn't use a vibe on it, but we did play with hot water and ice. Stainless really holds temperature well, and if that means something for you, you can't beat this toy.

One last thing, my lady friend had never squirted before, and we weren't even trying. I can't explain it. There was no scientific rigor to the experience, but it happened. Maybe it was the 30 or so orgasms...did I mention this thing takes almost no effort?

Rating AutoSquirt May 12, 2012

Reviewer: RD

This is an amazing tool if you want to squirt. It is the perfect shape. It is less appealing for us as a P spot tool.

Rating Perfection January 11, 2012

Reviewer: Goldynkat

This is SUCH A GREAT TOY! I used to be a big squirter, but had lost the art over the last 10 years and missed it so. After researching this I decided to give it a go. A couple weeks of practice and BAM, I'm squirting again! Me, and my G-spot, are in LOVE.
I also adore the cleanability and the long-lasting nature.... I'll have this toy for the rest of my life. Yay!

Rating Will Blow Your Mind February 26, 2011

Reviewer: SFJ

I have a Hitachi Magic Wand and several other dildos in silicon, latex, and a crystal S-shaped "wand". Adding this to my collection now means the only thing I use besides this is the Hitachi on top while this is inside me. Everything else is just so ho-hum compared to the Pure Wand. It's AMAZING and worth every penny! :)

The amount of sensation it creates - WOW. You'll be more aware of parts of yourself you didn't even know existed. This is the only sex toy I have ever recommended to others (even my sister!). It's that good. I either add lube or not, it's so smooth, you might not need any. For the coldness, I either enjoy it or just run it under hot water for a minute first -- it warms up very quickly imo.

I use the bigger end inside, and either my fingers or the Hitachi on my clitoris. Putting the Hitachi on top of the little ball as the whole toy curves up around, so the vibrator both presses the ball down on my clitoris and vibrates the entire toy inside creates this "closed circuit" effect that is fun too.

You might need to build up a bit of hand strength to use it, it can be a bit tiring at first, but what better excuse to exercise? ;) Have fun!

Rating My FAVE December 8, 2010

Reviewer: Customer Review

I LOVE THIS TOY. Unfortunately, it's REALLY COLD and takes awhile to warm up. At first it's like, OUCH but eventually warms up. My partner wants to warm it up for me b4 play but we're not always on a schedule! It's great but I'd like a hint on how to warm it up perpetually... if I wrap it in a heating pad, the cats lie on it and ... oh, who wants cat hair um.. inside... heh. WONDERFUL toy. It keeps me in shape, easy to clean and for me, insertable all the way to the small nub. :D. My only argument is that here where in the spring where it's still below freezing at night, I'd like to find a small heating thingie for it. HAVE FUN!

Rating Squirtilicious! December 8, 2010

Reviewer: Customer Review

I absolutely love the crescent. It really makes my g-spot sing! I have never ejaculated until this hit my g-spot and now I can't stop. It's very durable and heavy, but the weight can be a little awkward at times. The crescent is by far the best g-spot dildo out there, and the best for squirting too!

Rating WOW is all I can say! December 8, 2010

Reviewer: Customer Review

This is my new Holy Grail of sex toys! I did a lot of researching before making such a big purchase. Everything I read was very positive! Many women who aren't "squirters" become so when using this toy. I am very orgasmic and I easily squirt. I couldn't wait to get it out of the black box with beautiful hot pink satin lining. I hopped on my bed with my new toy and was having a big one within about 30 seconds! It isn't something that I can imagine trying to thrust in and out as it is very heavy, all it took for me was a rocking motion right on my g-spot! It sort of hooked under my pelvic bone. Apparently some women can get the big end on their g-spot and the small end on their clit. That didn't work for me, it was far to long. WOW. DEFINITELY WORTH EVERY PENNY!

Rating Redefine Quality Time December 8, 2010

Reviewer: Customer Review

Only the 3rd toy I own, this is an excellent choice! The weight is a bit intimidating, but proves to be a big plus. Take time to explore the possibillities - for me this means enjoying the different teperatures, using it alone, with a vibe, or for double penetration. Takes a bit to get used to the curve and the weight, but once you find a comfortable grip this slides in on its own and the pleasure comes from stroking out and maintaining the pressure on your g-spot. It makes anal a whole different ball game as both my partner and I can feel and NJoy this toy!

Rating Lube and more lube! October 2, 2010

Reviewer: Happy Camper

As I read others' reviews, I just kept nodding my head, yes, yes, until I read about the trouble with the large end...had to say yes to that one, too, but my solution was waiting until I was aroused...with lube, it feels delicious going in, and the pleasure of its weight cannot be overstated...I can rock back and forth on it with pillows behind me and, with my eyes closed, have no idea I'm still alone!!! Yes, it's worth every penny, and doesn't leave the toilet seat up!

Rating Bit of a snag June 20, 2010

Reviewer: Mosinfo

The large end is a tad too big for me and hurts A LOT upon entry and removal BUT when in use, feels awesome. The small end doesn't hurt at all, but isn't nearly as much fun.

Rating AMAZING January 21, 2010

Reviewer: causemos

This toy is irreplaceable. It has changed my life. It has lead to many nights of pleasure and much squirting. I love it and recommend it to anyone. The weight is awesome...just an amazing design...well worth the money. you won't regret it.

Rating Perfect. July 8, 2009

Reviewer: SeeGirl

This is far and away the best of my toys. Expensive, but worth it. You can get it hot, cold, it's heavy (which I like), it's a prefect shape for me, two ends for variety in all three of size-length-curve. I definitely recommend it. Wonderful.

Rating Great shape May 31, 2009

Reviewer: Icypop

This toy allows you to get "up front" and stimulate your g-spot. If you like the front-back motion of fingers inside of you, you will enjoy this toy. I've long sought a toy to use when my partner's fingers get too tired (and I'm left there hanging...) The Pure Wand allows me to pick right up where he left off. It's surprising this wonderful design isn't more common in dildos!

I found the wider side a little heavy to hold when the slimmer side was inside of me, but compared to the overall experience, this concern was very minor.

Rating Heavenly Metal July 29, 2008

Reviewer: Minxy

This toy is sculpted to hit your G-spot perfectly - it performs perfectly delivering heavenly sensations!!!! This is by far the BEST G-spot toy I've ever used! The Gods sent this directly from heaven!!!!!

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