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Randy Silicone Dildo Purple - Click to enlarge

Randy Silicone Dildo Purple

Got girth? Leave each and every one of your nerve endings sweetly satiated with the substantial Randy, a shorter, wider silicone dildo often requested by customers.  Read More
Harness-compatible toy. Safe to use for anal insertion.
  (21 customer ratings)
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Got girth? Leave each and every one of your nerve endings sweetly satiated with the substantial Randy, a shorter, wider silicone dildo often requested by customers. At 5 3/4" long by a chunky 2 1/4" in diameter, it can work in harnesses using a 2" ring, or do the job all by itself.

Randy Silicone Dildo Purple
Purple Silicone
5 3/4" x 2 1/4" (14.6cm x 5.7cm)

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Care and Cleaning

Note: We are proud to proclaim that each one of these dildos are individually hand crafted right here in the United States. Because these items are hand mixed & handmade, there could be slight color variations from what is pictured.

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Customer Reviews

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Rating Believe It January 2, 2014

Reviewer: AnarchFtM

On the positive side, this dildo has a great shape and the length is just perfect for me. I like the color, and it has the appropriate amount of ability to bend. For those reasons I can't say this is a terrible product.

I have an interest in thicker toys and have been looking for something with those attributes (shorter, not a chunk of plastic) while this meets those criteria, practically, it isn't a useable toy for me. Something about the way it is curved, or else it is 1/2" too thick... It is just bad - not useable in any way. Just not quite right, but if you're looking for something really big get one and try it.

Rating woah! July 11, 2012

Reviewer: SF Gal

When it first showed up I was very intimidated by the size, definitely bigger than I thought! But after getting over my nerves I can definitely recommend this product. Takes a little patience to get in, but will leave you feeling deliciously full. Not a lot of space left to try and get a vibe next to the clit, but well worth it. Good for solo play, wouldn't recommend for first timers.

Rating I underestimated the size June 1, 2012

Reviewer: Mavis

I couldn't even insert any part of this gigantic dildo! I guess I'll keep it in the closet for after I pop out a few kids! This guy was waaaaayy bigger than I expected. It's like king kong's dong!

Rating Pleasant surprise December 8, 2010

Reviewer: Customer Review

One night, when I was sleeping, my husband awakened my pussy and I to the incredible feel of a large sausage. From that unexpected experience I learned that I like BIG ones, no, make that LOVE big ones. So, he bought Randy, and somehow painstakingly hollowed it out enough that he could wear it over his dick, in a harness. Now, when we have sex, it seems to go on twice as long, and I am thrilled beyond words by the incredible size and feel. It's just one teeth-rattling orgasm after another, especially when we add the Hitachi vibrator.

Rating Comparison shopping - try before you buy July 7, 2009

Reviewer: Customer Review

My husband's cock is just average size, but there are four college boys living next door, and, while three are also about average, the fourth is an incredible 9" x 2 3/8". Fully as long as I can accomodate (very) comfortably, but almost too big around for oral sex. Well, ... almost. So, when it came time to pick out a dildo, I was naturally inspired to get a very large one, and Randy has been perfect. The purple color is sexy, the smooth texture ideal for extended use; and between the huge girth and the ripple behind the head, my G-spot and my whole pussy gets stimulated in a wonderful way I did not think possible. Every woman should have one to take to bed with her. With or without a partner, or partners, if she is that lucky.

Rating Instant success December 8, 2010

Reviewer: Customer Review

My husband and I are newlyweds, and we are so horny we are having sex at least once every day, and usually a lot more than that. Unfortunately, his new job has him out of town often, so I needed something to satisfy my enormous new sexual appetite. Picking Randy was the smartest move I could have made. It is quite large, but just needs a good shove to get in, and, once there, stretches and stimulates me in the most amazing way. My husband is jealous, but gets extremely aroused watching me make love to Randy, with one huge orgasm after another.

Rating AWESOME!!! December 8, 2010

Reviewer: Customer Review

I love girthy, not too long designs: natural, or man-made. This has both. I love it. Gets me off every time (w/a bullet)!

Rating My favorite December 8, 2010

Reviewer: Customer Review

Goodbye cucumbers, hello, Randy. This became an instant favorite. After several minutes with my big vibrator, I was ready for all I could get, and Randy really delivered the best feeling ever. Goes in with only a little effort, and once there feels absolutely heavenly. The only thing as good as a big dick is another one. From now one I am a size queen forever.

Rating oh, randy. December 8, 2010

Reviewer: Customer Review

I was impressed and intimidated by Randy at first glance, but I went for it and bought the toy. The first time I used it was a really interesting experience. It required a good amount of lube and slow, sexy massaging of my cunt with Randy's tip. I definitely felt every inch and had to work up to accommodating the toy's wonderful girth. After a few uses, I have been able to take the whole length and girth and it has been quite pleasurable. I like to use Randy for those occasions when I need a big 'un. It's not an every day toy for me, but a very valuable addition to my collection. My partner also enjoys seeing me take Randy all the way. It's a great toy to use for your own personal peep show.

Rating My best friend! December 8, 2010

Reviewer: Customer Review

For the ladies who like a little girth, this is absolutely the best. The first time I tried this big boy out, I was completely blown away, and only got more and more impressed as time went on. It's hard to find a dildo with a good girth, and this is most certainly the best I've found!

Rating WOW December 8, 2010

Reviewer: Customer Review

This dildo is my favorite one ever. My girlfriend and I have used many different dildos to date and this one far surpasses any other in pleasure and comfort. It takes a little shove to get in, but after that the stimulating affect is amazing. It works great with a harness, thigh harness, or by itself. I definitely recommend this to anyone who enjoys penetration. I can't get enough of it.

Rating Not for a beginner!!! December 8, 2010

Reviewer: Customer Review

This is not the toy to purchase if you are a first time user! This was way too big, difficult to insert, and borderline painful to attempt to use.

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