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4US Vibrating Cock Ring - Click to enlarge

4US Vibrating Cock Ring

She got hers with the Rock-Chick and he got his with the Rude Boy; now Rocks-Off has got something  Read More
Phthalates-Free. Waterproof/Water-resistant toy or books.
  (14 customer ratings)
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She got hers with the Rock-Chick Vibrator and he got his with the Rude Boy Vibrating Anal Plug; now Rocks-Off has got something they can play with together, the 4US Vibrating Cock Ring. This innovative vibe is "for him to wear and couples to share." Unique in size and shape, the soft sleeve is made from silicone. The cock ring contains a little loop to accommodate different size shafts and raised nubs to reduce rotation. A powerful, pint-sized RO-80MM Bullet is positioned perpendicular to the penis for clitoral contact during penetration. For a wet and wild ride, take this quiet and waterproof toy in the tub. For a more hands-on approach, try slipping a couple fingers through the band instead.

4US Vibrating Cock Ring
Blue platinum silicone exterior, metallic plated ABS vibrator  
Uses one N battery (included)
5 1/2” long x 2 1/4” to 2 1/2” wide (14 cm long x 5.7 cm to 10.8 cm wide)
Volume: 2; Intensity 2

Care and Cleaning

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Customer Reviews

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Rating Very Disappointed May 6, 2012

Reviewer: cobrunette

I bought this vibe as a surprise for my boyfriend, but couldn't even feel it :( We even tried taking the bullet out of the sleeve and using it independently... just wasn't worth the money. The cock ring got in the way and doesn't work well for a smaller cock (sorry, honey!) as it just slides around. The vertical vibe part didn't even touch anywhere important either. Maybe we aren't "built" correctly, lol! Really disappointed - I've been extremely pleased with all of my other purchases. This one is going in the trash.

Rating quiet and powerful May 20, 2010

Reviewer: GV Affiliate Reviews

It is an awesome bullet, I must say. The black plastic RO-80mm bullet is really 80 mm long, and runs on one N battery. It’s considerably stronger than the other bullet vibrators I have, each of which are powered by three watch batteries. The pointed tip of the RO-80mm will probably please those of you who like pinpoint stimulation. I mainly used the side of the bullet on my clit, though, since I’m a girl who likes a broader area of stimulation. It’s still not the type of vibration I like (deep, thuddy), but it did feel pretty darn good.

The ring is not designed to sustain or prolong an erection; it’s more for light pressure and for the buzzy vibrations from the bullet. The bullet, while it juts out from the ring, really doesn’t get in the way during masturbation or intercourse. Vibrations from the bullet travel quite well all around the ring, but they aren’t strong through the thin part of the ring. We were both impressed by how incredibly quiet the bullet is when it’s in the ring. It’s barely audible (and even out of the ring, the bullet’s pretty discreet).

--from our reviewer, Rockin’ With a Cock In

Rating finally, someone got it right May 20, 2010

Reviewer: GV Affiliate Reviews

The 4US Vibrating Cock Ring is completely waterproof, and was a blast to use in the shower. Because the bullet is vertical instead of horizontal, like most vibrating cock rings, you can hold on to the vibe to make it hit your clit when in “awkward” positions. But whatever position you choose, the vibrations will be felt throughout his whole penis.

We really enjoyed the 4US Vibrating Cock Ring, it’s about time someone did a cock ring correctly.

GV Buzz: Put a Ring on It (A 4US Cock Ring, That Is)
By Kathy McGuire • Apr 14th, 2010 • Category: Blog, GV Homepage, Toy Reviews

MLots of guys and their partners enjoy cock rings, especially the kind that come with vibrators for hands-free sensations on the clitoris or perineum. But sometimes, they don’t quite do the trick- the vibe isn’t strong enough or it doesn’t reach the right spot. So it’s a good thing that we have the 4US Vibrating Cock Ring.

The 4Us is made from Intramed, a new material that’s just as easy to clean as silicone and is more environmentally-friendly. Plus, the vibrator is amazingly powerful, especially for its size. Check out what our reviewers said:

Despite some concerns with untrimmed material around the outside of the toy, True Pleasures gives it a big thumbs up:

A bonus for me, the bullet isn’t attached to the ring like usual; it actually juts out from it. That means we can try different positions and the vibrations will still reach my clit. I do have to hold the vibe in place against my clit, but I’m just happy I can get the vibes to reach me. You can also hold the vibe to stimulate your perineum or your anus. (I wouldn’t insert it anally, though.)

I know it’s just me being picky, but I really wish the extra material from the molding process would’ve been cleaned away. I mean, aesthetics are part of the whole experience, too. Aside from that, the 4US is definitely one of the best cock rings we’ve tried. Easy to get on him and easy for me since I don’t have to be in one specific position to feel the vibes. This one’s a keeper!

--from our reviewer, Dani Darling

Rating hits the spot May 20, 2010

Reviewer: GV Affiliate Reviews

Even though this is a bit strange looking, it works well. We liked that this only went at the base of the penis, and I loved the length of the clitoral stimulator. It worked much better than the short ones we’ve used, and it was flexible enough to get in the right spot. The ring was easy to get on and was tight enough for my husband, although it did pull a few hairs. I really like the vibrations from the bullet, and my husband found them stimulating as well. The battery has had good life so far. It even works when I put it on the base of a toy for extra stimulation. This is a fun cock ring, and definitely recommended!
--from our reviewer, Sammi

Rating Missionary Man March 31, 2010

Reviewer: Carnal Nation

The 4US seems well constructed, is easy to clean, and the removable bullet vibe is reliable and easy to operate. It stays in position well. Overall I did enjoy this cock ring, but I say that with the caveat that your mileage may vary a good bit.
-Holden Bishop, Carnal Nation

Rating We too are One March 31, 2010

Reviewer: Carnal Nation

Now I have always known my girlfriend is a major Hitachi fan since the thing never leaves the side of her bed, but the problem I have with the industrial Hitachi is that it is so big it gets in the way when I am trying to penetrate her. The 4US provides direct stimulation without having a toy getting in the way. If your female partner is somebody who gets off on intercourse alone or with light stimulation, the 4US will work well for her. If she absolutely has to have the power tools, then the 4US might be a little underpowered for the job. For us it worked very well once we got it the right way round and fine-tuned the position. If your partner likes grinding, missionary sex, and can get off on a lighter vibe, the 4US is a good choice for her, and if she really likes seeing your face light up from using a men’s toy that gets you off she will really love it.
-Steve, Carnal Nation

Rating Double your pleasure.... March 31, 2010

Reviewer: Carnal Nation

Honestly, I could use this every time the hubby and I have sex. Think of it as an enhancement to an already intense moment, a hands-free vibrator hitting all the right spots. A vibrator that rubs up on your clit in one position or the sensitive spots around your booty in another—all while giving him a good squeeze. Plus the bullet is removable and discreet if you want to sneak away for a few minutes. So my first instinct was correct. With the 4US, it literally is "double your pleasure, double your fun."
-June Valentine, Carnal Nation

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