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Shivers Bzzz Buddies Waterproof Vibrator - Click to enlarge

Shivers Bzzz Buddies Waterproof Vibrator

Meet the Bzzz Buddies!   Read More
Phthalates-Free. Waterproof/Water-resistant toy or books.
  (2 customer ratings)
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Meet the Bzzz Buddies!  These adorable external pocket rocket style vibrators feature cute little characters each with a story to tell!  Shivers is a friendly little Polar Bear looking for a warm hug from a friend.  More than a pretty face, these vibes come with four interchangeable tips for a variety of sensational experiences.  Compact, easy to use, and waterproof, Shivers can go almost anywhere you do.  Petite and discreet, Bzzz buddies are ideal for first time vibe users, those looking for something cute and unique or for a fun and playful little gift to give.  Create a buzz with your little Bzzz Buddy!

Shivers Bzzz Buddies Waterproof Vibrator
White ABS and metal
5 3/4" long, 1" diameter (14.6cm x 2.54cm diameter)
Uses one AA battery (not included)
Volume: 3; Intensity: 2

Care and Cleaning

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Customer Reviews

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Rating The Cutest Little Polar Bear Vibe, And His Name Is Shivers! March 17, 2011

Reviewer: Serafina Brightside

Well, this little doodad that GoodVibes sent me for review is called Shivers, and Shivers (a polar bear from cute polar bear land, obviously) is five and 3/4 inches and 0.3 pounds. It has a diameter of 1 inch. It only has one speed setting, but there are four little caps that you can put on the personal massager for unique textures and a new kind of orgasm every time.

It is a very powerful little vibe, even at one setting. Compared to my regular vibrator, the Metallic Massager, it is even more powerful, and my husband agrees with this, even at its smaller size. My M.M. also has three settings, and this one is more powerful than all of those.

You can use any lubricant type on this vibe. After all, it's made of hard plastic and is also apparently waterproof. Also, because it is hard plastic and waterproof you can easily clean it with anti-bacterial soap and clean water. The plastic is also phtalates-free, body-safe material, latex-free, smell-free, non-porous, and hypo-allergenic. I do recommend that you use a condom over the whole thing while in use, though to keep it clean. It can get hard to clean because of all of those little crevices all over it, and not just the caps. There are a lot of cracks and crevices, even though you can use any lube or soap to get it clean and get stuff out. Just remember though, that before you put the condom on to use it, turn it on, because once you put the condom on, you won't be able to grip the vibe to get the power on.

It's really hard to open the battery compartment and close it, though. You have to turn it a certain way to open it, and you have to turn it a certain way to close it, and to turn it on and off. It's much like a medicine bottle. I hate that. I guess you could say that this vibe has a dial-base, and I think you should know that you'll need to power it with a single AA battery, which sadly, isn't included. The battery compartment design was not well thought-out. It turns out that the manufacturers made it so you can secure the battery compartment in two different directions. One of the directions has the battery's contact pads while the other direction doesn't. Just make sure you line up the two inner battery contact pads for it to work.

The packaging is really really cute. Although childlike, and complete with a story all about the polar bear (I was disappointed that it wasn't an erotic story about the polar bear and Chilly the Penguin), the package is inquisitive. I love the plastic box so much that I'm going to keep it for storing other things and possibly for artwork, since I like to take "trash'' and use it for art projects when I have spare time. So the clear box holds the toy and interchangeable caps nestled in a clear tray. Cartoon characters and (in my case the polar bear) "Shivers' story" decorate the box, along with an invitation to "meet and collect them all!"

Each one of the Bzzz Buddies comes with four interchangeable tips. The tips included are the standard Pocket Rocket tips. There is one with strong by few spikes, one with many and small spikes, a completely rounded tip, and one with little bumps. The spike ones are not good for genital use unless you like a bit of pain with your pleasure. The rounded and bumped ones work okay, but honestly, I usually used the side of the toy anyway, so I never felt much of what was on the tips. The spikes and more "extreme" ones are meant for more erogenous use like on the nipples. I wouldn't use those pointy caps on my clit!

As for ratings, I'm giving this four stars. It gets me off, and it's adorable. It's expensive, but I did get it for free, after all. Some aren't that lucky, so I won't put it in your face. Sorry. So back to pros. I love the box, which is recyclable and very informative. I love the vibe, and I love the little texturized caps that come with it, except for the two pointy ones that I don't think I'll use anytime soon. And I love that it's waterproof. I love that its vibrations are stronger than my other vibe. I do wish it had other vibration options, though, so I'm sad that it doesn't.

So, rating: 4 stars

Pros: adorable, box is great, recyclable packaging, informative packaging, texturized caps that are interchangeable, waterproof, phthalates free, can use with any lube, latex free, hypo-allergenic, vibes are very strong, et cetera....

Cons: expensive, two of the caps look like they could be painful if one's not careful, hard to get open and closed, hard to turn on and off, wish it had more vibe settings, opens like a pill bottle, not all of the other Bzzz Buddies have been released yet, hard to clean, should use a condom over the entire thing to keep it clean, et cetera......


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