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We-Vibe II Couple's Vibrator - Click to enlarge

We-Vibe II Couple's Vibrator

Recognized as “a new dimension in pleasure,” the revolutionary We-Vibe has been touted as the first  Read More
New to our product line. Staff pick: singled out for being exceptional in content, quality, inventiveness or effectiveness. Green product fits our eco-friendly values of sustainable and ethically and/or environmentally conscious sex.
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Recognized as “a new dimension in pleasure,” the revolutionary We-Vibe has been touted as the first couple's toy “that can be used while making love.” The dual motor design provides both external clitoral as well as internal G-spot stimulation. The supple shape conforms to a woman’s body, so it can be worn comfortably during penetrative sex. The second generation of this innovative vibrator includes an intuitive push-button control plus two intensities and seven pulsing patterns. The environmentally-friendly We-Vibe II is cruelty-free, carbon neutral and rechargeable. Not recommended for anal play. 

We-Vibe II Couple's Vibrator
Purple Silicone
3 1/4” long x 1” wide (8.9cm long x 2.5cm wide) 
Volume: 2; Intensity: 3

Care and Cleaning

Have sustainable sex! Go Green with Good Vibrations earth-friendly Ecorotic® collection, all-natural and organic products, as well as longer lasting items that have less environmental impact, such as toys made from superior materials and rechargeable vibes.

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Customer Reviews

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Rating made my partner smile! January 4, 2011

Reviewer: GV Affiliate Reviews

The vibrations are not buzzy at all, they are fairly moderate – not too light and not too strong. I definitely feel that there should be a perfect setting for everyone. I think that the vibrations feel great, my only issue with them is that I could barely feel them when my partner was thrusting fast. At least not at all on the inside, I could not feel anything on the “G-spot” side of the vibrator. I have read complaints about that in other reviews, that the vibrations are just too weak to be felt. I can see how that would be a complaint because the vibrations are a moderate strength and may not be strong enough for those who need nice strong vibrations. The strength of the vibrations were decent enough for my clit which is more sensitive but not strong enough to make a huge impact on my g-spot which is not so sensitive until I am really revved up. The We-Vibe II would not be enough to get me off on it’s own, I would definitely need the extra stimulation from my partner to get the full effect. My partner on the other hand, could feel the vibrations fine and really seemed to enjoy the added stimulation during intercourse. I enjoyed seeing the reaction it got from him during sex.

--from our reviewer, Sea of Neptune

Rating found some different ways to enjoy it October 20, 2010

Reviewer: GV Affiliate Reviews

I just don’t think it is meant for my body in the way it was intended. BUT I found of other fabulous uses for it: anal stimulation. I like anal stimulation but not penetration. I turned the vibe around so the clitoral part hit my anus during penetration. That was AWESOME. We did not try it but you could have the guy wear it too by inserting it anally and placing the clit end on the perineum. If you plan on sharing the toy I would suggest encasing it in a condom for other partners. Another idea a friend gave me which I have yet to try: wear it under a strap-on harness while fucking your guy/girl. That is a brilliant idea to add a physical stimulation to the harness wearer.

--from our reviewer, Lady Evyl

Rating September 7, 2010

Reviewer: GV Affiliate Reviews

The We-Vibe 2 is AWESOME. But here’s the thing: I’m not a huge fan of it as it’s intended to be used. I tried it during sex and it seemed kind of intrusive. It feels hard and The Chef says he doesn’t like vibration on his dick. It felt ok for me, but I was kind of distracted by it in a missionary position. It feels promising during initial insertion, but didn’t enhance our vaginal sex a ton. Anal was a different story- I was on all fours and got quite a thrill from it hugging against my g-spot and clit. I did have to hold onto it to keep it in place, but it felt reeeally great and The Chef said he could feel muted vibrations on the underside of his dick, which he liked.

My favorite way to use the We-Vibe 2, though, is for leisurely masturbation. I pop this puppy in and find my favorite setting: the loooooooooong slow ascension mode. Heaven. I lie on my stomach, sometimes with a pillow beneath my hips or between my legs. The ascension is slow and teasing, like a skilled and patient lover. The vibe hits me just right, till I either pop it out and replace it with a good firm dildo or leave it in and just add something additional. I can’t get off just with the We-Vibe 2 alone, but it does get my g-spot all roarin’ and ready to squirt, which is not always easy to do for me. It brings me riiiiiight up to the edge of an orgasm, and then I quickly use something else to get the job done.

You can use this for all kinds of stuff- spicing up hand jobs for penis-owners who like vibration on their cocks or balls, adding some oomph to your come-hither motion when fingering a lady, or simply making it look like your dick is wearing earmuffs. The possibilities are endless.

I loooooove using this toy for masturbation. As an avid masturbator, I own lots of toys that get right to the point. Sometimes that’s what I want. But for other times, this toy provides the sleepy luxurious pace and torturous warm-up I get from really terrific oral sex. It turns me on gently and sensually like feeling someone’s breath on your neck.

This toy. Is gorgeous.

--from our reviewer, On Intimacy Reviews

Rating takes some practice August 20, 2010

Reviewer: GV Affiliate Reviews

The We-Vibe II is definitely a sex toy worth having for masturbation purposes or facilitating foreplay. With all the various vibration settings to play with, there are plenty of options to keep the user busy. However, I've experienced mixed results when wearing it during intercourse. In certain positions, especially doggie-style, the vibe shifts around quite a bit. This is easily solved by holding it in place, but that means it's not truly a hands-free toy. In other positions, like woman astride and missionary, the vibe doesn't move around quite as much, but for me the inserted end became uncomfortable once things really got going with some faster thrusting. This was disappointing, but I'm optimistic that I'll get more used to it with time and practice.

Overall, I'm very impressed with the We-Vibe II and think it's well worth the investment. It's a high quality and discreet sex toy with plenty of power and vibration options. Plus, it's couple friendly, rechargeable and very quiet. I'm so happy to finally have one in my collection!

--from our reviewer, Buzz on Vibes

Rating my new favorite August 20, 2010

Reviewer: GV Affiliate Reviews

After fully looking at it, I started to get a little hesitant on it actually fitting inside with my boyfriend’s penis on top of that. So, we first prepped with lube, stuck it inside and I began going through the 7 different pulsating patterns, which added a nice touch to the interesting factor. Then my boyfriend was ready to get it on like Donkey Kong. So, he started to insert and I started experiencing pain. I was thinking to myself, “Ugh, this isn’t going to work and it’s going to be a waste.” But, after a minute or two of stretching – It became mind blowing. Some of the time, I need something on my clit to really get me going and this clearly did that. The vibrations on the inside while the penis thrusts in and out - was great! I think the penis really helps with the We Vibe II on hitting the g-spot. *Claps*

My boyfriend wasn’t too sure what to think of it, as he hasn’t experienced any vibrating device on his penis before. But, he said anything that helps get me off is a plus in his book. *laugh* He only says this, because sometimes it takes an hour or two to get me to climax. With this device it takes only 5 minutes.

This has become my new favorite sex toy as of now. I can’t even begin to explain how great it is. I think everyone should at least give it a try, just so you and your partner can experience this mind blowing opportunity together. Don't let the price tag scare you!

--from our reviewer, Sleeping in the Wet Spot

Rating great for solo fun August 20, 2010

Reviewer: GV Affiliate Reviews

As a solo vibe, I really like it. The vibration patterns are really numerous and as someone who likes fairly intense vibrations, I found this toy's vibrations to be more than sufficient for me. It sat nicely on my clit and did a good job stimulating it. Because I have a vertical clit hood piercing, it did make a bit of noise with rattling on the stainless steel of my barbell, but given that most women don't have this piercing I don't foresee it as a problem.

This toy has excellent potential to be a great partnered sex toy and I can't wait to use it with a sexual partner. As someone who needs clitoral stimulation to orgasm, I am excited at the possibility of not having to hold a vibe on my clit during sex to orgasm. If this vibrator will help me orgasm, it just may be my favorite vibe ever.

--from our reviewer, Undercover Kinkster

Rating amazing pleasure August 16, 2010

Reviewer: GV Affiliate Reviews

I was really surprised for some odd reason at how small the We Vibe II is. Rationally, I knew it had to be small, but I just didn't think about it. It is very flexible, which makes positioning great; you can really wiggle it around until you get it to hit the main spots you want it on. The end that slips into the vagina is a bit more slender than the other end and has deeper ridges, which feels amazing. The clitoris end of the toy has less ridges, is slightly thinker, has heavier vibrations radiating from it, and has a small button that controls the toy.

The vibe has 9 play modes. I repeat, 9! 1) low 2) high 3) throb 4) wave 5) pulse 6) ramp 7) tease 8) ascend 9) CHA-CHA. My favorites are high, pulse and ramp. Pulse is a high on/off on/off sensation and ramp does like it sounds. It ramps you up to your squealing on the edge of release then goes straight back down, that tease. ;) The vibe is water resistant, and it stays pretty well in place, so it can be worn standing and in other positions as well. The vibrations are located on both ends of the vibe, the clitoris vibrations being the heavier of the two no matter the play mode.

The We Vibe II is slightly noisier than what I had hoped for, but it is still damn awesome. The noise can be easily thrust from your thoughts, it's not that loud that it hinders anything.

Overall.. 10/10 this baby is a keeper!

--from our reviewer, Never Too Shy

Rating Doesn't live up to my great expectations. July 26, 2010

Reviewer: shygirl

I had so much hope for this vibrator! It sounds like the best thing ever! However, I found that the stimulation is just not strong enough to bring me to orgasm. On the plus side, this thing really does stay in place during intercourse, and does not bother my partner too much.

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