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Good Vibrations Guide to Sex Education Sex Toys and Vibrators

How To... Good Vibes Sex Education: G-spot & Female Ejaculation

Need a little information before making an informed purchase? Read through our Good Vibrations Sexual Education How To Articles for ideas about choosing the right toy for you, whether it's a vibrator, lube, or any of our high quality sex products.

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      El Musculo PĂ©lvico o Musculo PC

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G-Spot & Female Ejaculation How To Articles

How to Find the G-Spot

How to do Kegels and Strengthen PC Muscles

How to Female Ejaculate

Cultural History of the G-Spot

What are G-Spot Sex Toys?

How to Find the G-spot

  • The G-spot is a spongy area of tissue a few inches inside the vagina on the front wall.
  • You can find it by inserting a finger and curling it towards the belly button. It’s usually between 11 and 1 o’clock if someone is on their back, or between 5 and 7 o’clock if someone is face down.
  • It’s often easier to have someone else find it, unless you’re flexible enough, with long enough fingers, to reach your own.
  • You might find it easier to locate the G-spot when your partner is already turned on because it engorges during arousal; also, it may not feel good to stimulate it unless your partner is aroused.
  • Sometimes, the G-spot is ridged or feels different from other parts of the vagina. At other times, it may not be especially easy to find.
  • The G-spot can vary in size from one person to another, and can seem to change location as the tissues engorge and muscles contact.
  • Many people have never felt G-spot sensation and assume they do not have a G-spot, but intercourse is often not the best way to find and stimulate it; please use the information and tips here if you’d like to see whether G-spot sensations are possible for you.
  • The G-spot is part of the female anatomy; transgender women do not have G-spots, though they may have erotically sensitive prostate tissue that is comparable, and transmen may use other words to describe their anatomy.

How to Pleasure the G-Spot

  • Generally, motions such as stroking or pressure feel better than small motions or vibrations.
  • Some popular ways to pleasure the G-spot with a finger or two include: making the “come here” motion, a “windshield wiper” movement, tapping, circles, or firm pressure.
  • Some people love G-spot play, while others say that it doesn’t do anything for them.
  • Different sensations can feel good at different times during the arousal cycle.
  • Combining G-spot pleasure with something familiar such as a vibrator on the clitoris or oral sex can make it easier to explore.
  • G-spot stimulation can feel similar to the sensation of needing to urinate. With practice and familiarity, you can learn to tell the feelings apart.
  • Some women ejaculate during G-spot stimulation. While there is much research to be done, we do know that this fluid isn’t urine. If you’re concerned, place a towel under you first.

How to Shop for G-Spot Toys

  • Most G-spot toys are curved in order to reach the G-spot. Others have bumps, ridges or textures to provide different sensations as you move them in and out.
  • Some G-spot vibrators focus the vibration on the G-spot while others stimulate the vaginal opening.
  • It’s often easier to experiment with toys if you add some lubricant.
  • We have lots of great G-spot vibrators and dildos on our shelves, as well as some excellent how-to guides and movies to make it easier to explore G-spot fun.

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