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A lot of people are making sex toys these days and it can be hard to know which item will be best for you. When you shop in our stores or on our site, you can be confident that we’ve used our experience in the sex toy industry and as sex educators to choose high-quality toys.

Of course, when it comes to design, longevity and price, there are lots of choices. So we select a range of products that will meet different needs. We want you to be able to make informed decisions when it comes to your sex toys, so we offer a spectrum of options and plenty of information to help you decide. Whether you’re reading our How To Articles , by contacting us, or talking to us in our Good Vibrations stores, we’re happy to make sure you get your questions answered.

Our product selection is based on a commitment to function rather than fashion. Most of our products are designed to provide and enhance physical pleasure, or offer information and education. We don’t carry lingerie and offer very few "novelty" items, not only because they are widely available elsewhere, but because we want to keep our focus on the "hardware" rather than the "software" of sexual products. We also recognize the ways in which fun and fantasy enhance sexual pleasure, so we carry some items for those uses.

Every toy on our shelves has been reviewed by our expert staff. Our buyers have worked as Sex Educator-Sales Associates in our stores and in our Customer Service Center, so they have the expertise to pick the best products. We regularly offer feedback to manufacturers and consult with them when they’re developing new designs.

We’re always interested to hear your suggestions, feedback, and questions so that we can make sure we’re serving you best.

There are certain products we will never carry: items we consider unsafe (dildos with wires inside, numbing lotions) as well as products that have not been proven effective (erection creams, penis enlargers, aphrodisiacs).

How We Select our Sex Toys

Here’s the list of things that we keep in mind when we’re considering a product:

  • We focus on items that function to provide sexual/sensual pleasure or that are sex-enhancing supplies (i.e., lubricants, safer sex supplies).
  • We offer a range of products which reflect the diversity of our customers' sexual tastes, desires, and needs.
  • We look for a range of quality products that offer you the opportunity to choose which ones will best suit your needs. Less expensive toys are great if you want to try vibrators out or you’re not worried about the life expectancy of your vibe. Premium sex toys are ideal when you know you want something to last a long time. We offer you the choice and can help you decide which products will be best for you.
  • Although our emphasis is on items that provide physical stimulation, we acknowledge the power of fantasy and the erotic imagination. We also carry many books that offer education and help people explore sexuality because we want our customers to have the best sexuality information available.
  • We do not carry products that exploit sexual insecurities or desires for a "quick fix" to change sexual functioning (i.e., aphrodisiacs, erection-prolonging creams, etc.).
  • We try to screen out inaccurate information included with products and avoid racist, sexist, or homophobic packaging whenever possible.
  • We seek products created by sex-toy-using and sex-toy-positive manufacturers. We make a priority of supporting sex positive cottage industries.
  • We look for products that are environmentally-friendly and support manufacturers as they improve their practices to reduce their ecologic impact. Our Ecorotic® Collection highlights the greenest sexuality products available.


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