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View from the Top

View from the Top

Moving Pictures and Big Bottles of Lube
by Judi B.


By now you may have heard about our exciting new project called GV TV. Born from a scrapped commercial idea, GV TV came out kicking and screaming. How else to better communicate ideas than to show them, right? And how better to cover topics than to combine questions and input from real people on the street with information from experts?

And so the production schedule went up on the wall and I pulled out the ol' handycam.

First on our list of topics to tackle was the P-Spot, GV's nickname for the prostate. And off we went with our camera, up the street to the very busy corner of Market and Powell... where the cable cars pick up folks. The day was warm and sunny and the tourists were out in groves.

Would anyone talk to us about the P-spot...?....

Dildos and Vibrators: PSpot and GSpot: The Right Spot

The first two men we approach are in town for the Folsom Street Fair, they tell us. (Yes!) Oh, AND they’ve from Albuquerque, my home town. They’re happy to talk to us, and the GV TV on-the-street interview’s cherry is broken.

Did they know what the P-spot was? Well, you'll just have to watch the P-spot episode to find out!

Going out onto the street to talk to people about sexual subjects is really quite an interesting experience. Before we ask a question, we tell them that the question is sexual in nature and may be about sexual products or anatomy...and that’s when the person usually keeps walking or says, “cool!” and we have a real live person to talk to. We love that!

A few weeks later, standing at the corner of Castro and Market, where the Muni exits, one of my coworkers stands with a tray filled with different types of lube while my other coworker holds the 3-foot-tall fake lube bottle that was made especially for the Pride Parade last year. That's right...we're shooting the LUBE-A-RAMA episode! Watching people walk up the stairs from Muni and spot the big bottle of lube is the best part of the day. Well, that and people letting us squirt lube on their fingers and having them talk about what it feels like.

Sex toys: Cock Rings: Perfect Pair Ring

“It feels slidey” might be on of my favorite lines ever.

So, there's this little web site called YouTube....have you heard about the video revolution? (It's real!) Have you checked out the insane amount of videos that an insane amount of people will watch? And yes, I'm guilty....I have a video up of my dogs playing....but hey, who doesn't enjoy a minute and a half of dogs wrestling and biting their toys, right?

Lubricants: Good Lubrications

Anyhow, if you go to or, you'll see some of the videos we've been working on. We'll be adding new videos quite often, so if you don't see anything that interests you, make sure to check back.

It's been a crazy ride so far...from talking to people on the street about safe sex to visiting a bona-fide BDSM-educator's dungeon to following the legendary drag queen, Donna Sachet, around with a camera and interviewing erotic film fans on a red carpet. Yep, you'll get to see it all... so check it out, and come back often... we have a lot to share, and you may just find yourself humming the introduction music like we've been for the last two weeks straight!

Is there a special episode of GV TV you’d like to see? A topic you’re curious about, or do you have a question you’d like addressed? Email and put GVTV in the subject line!


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